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A few weeks back, I hit the max on accruing vacation days — something I’m proud to say I haven’t done before as I like my vacations! Since the girls were on Spring Break this week, I took several days off for a stay-at-home vacation. It was just the best. Walks with my hubby, long naps in the afternoon, lunches out, and lots of writing. If you’ve hit your max and aren’t accruing days any longer — take some days off. It’s good for the soul!

I’ve had fun exploring the web this week and came across several interesting items.  The first was a poster of how famous creative people spent their time. Check out the poster here. The blog that goes with the poster provides some good things to reflect on, especially the last two sentences. “Perhaps most fascinating, is reflecting on how you spend your days compared to these creative masters. Do you have a routine that helps you be productive every day?”

I also checked out the nominees for the 18th Annual Webby Awards.  Personally, I was pleased to see that my favorite make-your-own-movie app – Magisto – has been nominated for an award.  For a fun family activity, I highly recommend taking a look at the nominees and honorees.  We were laughing hysterically at some of the nominees in the viral category and there are a lot of great apps for the everyone of all ages.  Who knew the web could be something the family could enjoy together all at once around the kitchen table?

I wish all of you celebrating Easter on Sunday a very happy one,


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